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Varsity Club
Advisor: Dave Ames (

Mission Statement: The Ichabod Crane Varsity Club seeks to bring together student-athletes, coaches, faculty, classmates, and our community by having our members show leadership skills and high character not only on the field, but also off the field.  The Varsity Club will promote scholastics as well as athletics, members will act as a service organization for our school and community. They shall exemplify what it means to be a Rider student-athlete and continue the long standing tradition and success of Ichabod Crane athletics.


Qualifications:  In order to apply for membership, all members must be active in at least one Varsity sport over the course of the school year.  Seniors and Juniors must have already participated or are currently participating in a Varsity sport. Sophomores must have already or are currently participating in their second Varsity sport season.  All members must maintain an average of 80 or better (In addition, you must have an average of 85 or better in your Physical Education class). Two teacher and one Varsity coach recommendation are also required.


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